Time lines, Deadlines, Goals, and More

One thing I’ve been pushing pretty hard since we started is setting up a good timeline for Code Eight. I think it is important to stay on task as much as possible. Does this mean we won’t get behind? Ha, if only that were true. It just aids us in not get too far behind.

Why bother?

It would make sense to not even worry about time lines, deadlines, or goals if you know that you’re going to fall behind. True, but how many people plan on falling behind. That sounds stupid.

Plans are nothing! Planning is everything.

Dwight Eisenhower stated that plans are nothing, planning is everything. He is quite right, the plans themselves aren’t as important as sitting down and planning. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t really get there.

The Best of Intentions

Even with the best of intentions, we’ve already fallen behind of my illustrious launch goal. No matter! I am sure there will parts of our plan where we can make up some time. The beauty of working on Code Eight is that we’re in charge. No pesky client is telling us when it’s due, and we’re not holding up the launch of a product/website. It is a wonderful change.

With that said, you NEED to treat yourself as a client as much as possible. If not, you’ll abuse and take advantage of yourself.

Time to go harp on my developer to get back on track…

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