The ‘Culture’ Hunt

A friend of mine was showing me one some of the features for his new web application (the application is going to be for a community including blogging, news, and more) and we got to talking about the < Culture > tag. He is looking to incorporate multiple languages for this application and was showing me one he had already set up.

Now I am not too knowledgeable when it comes to Cultures and web applications such as his, but it seemed that there had to be an easier way to set up language support. Currently he would have to take each page and have it translated into the language he wants and then place that language into a dictionary from which he can call on it when that option is selected in the configuration screen. I would think that there has to be a built in convertor, a script that you could build into the program that would translate it on the fly. Surely in all the applications that have been created there is a language support ‘shortcut’ somewhere.

I have made it a challenge to myself to find such a thing or get relatively close just for curiosity’s sake. If you want to join in the hunt and help I would be appreciative. Whatever results you may or may not find post in comments or email them to me if you have my email. Good Luck!

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