Owned by Technology… or not?

I have been reading the latest book from Tim Challies titled “The Next Story” and have been selected to participate in the blog tour for his book. Since the announcement of this book and it’s topic, I was anxious to receive the book and begin my journey of self-examination.


A little background on myself before I dive into my review of the book. As many of you know I am in my early 30s and have been designing and developing websites since the late 90s. I would also consider myself a gadget junkie, meaning I literally covet really nice looking gadgets. While I exercise control in the purchasing of these devices/gadgets I still desire them. I am also an early adopter of new media (e.g., Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This background positions me to have a unique perspective on whether technology owns me or whether I am owned by it.

Part of my more recent philosophy is in the simplification of mine and my families lifestyle. We are old fashioned by nature, yet we too get caught up in all that life has to offer after the digital explosion so we are constantly evaluating the things we purchase, what consumes our time, etc.

Quick Answers

Challies brings to the forefront simple questions that are thought provoking and complex in application. The book is full of history, statistics, and introspective questions. Let’s look at just a few of them to wet your appetite:

  • Is technology bad? Technology in of itself is not bad, though it is often used for evil.
  • Is the creation of and use of technology sinful? Again the answer is no, yet it can cause us to sin.

Challies is quick to point out that we were created by God to invent, create, and use technology. However, we’ve become a society, generation, and people who use for evil this technology which can and should be used to glorify God. We are too easily deceived by Satan to use these devices and technology for evil without even knowing it. When we let them interfere with our family, our friends, or more importantly our relationship with God we do just that.

My Challenge to You

Evaluate the technology you use or will be purchasing by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Will this technology bring me closer to God?
  2. Will this device hurt my relationship with God or my family?
  3. Would my life be better if I didn’t have yet another distraction?

These types of questions can be applied to non-technical things as well, but will help protect you from allowing Satan a foothold into your life through any means necessary.

A Must Read

I thoroughly recommend this book and suggest you either purchase a copy of it, download it, or borrow it from the library when available. Just as some of Challies’s other books, which I’ve not only read but lead Bible Studies on, they will challenge you to exercise biblical discernment in your daily walk.

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