Bookmarkables for 30 July 2007

Either I was bookmark crazy this week, or it was a week of some very bookmarkable content. I give you bookmarks this week covering SEO, colour, email skills, dotted lines, WordPress, website redirection, making money, and redundancy. If you’ve found something to be bookmarkable send it to me or comment it below.

  • Leo Babauta guest contributes 10 Essential Email Skills for Any Freelancer on Freelance Switch. These 10 skills or ‘tips’ will greatly increase your email efficiency.
  • Colour Lovers published 32+ Common Color Names for Easy Reference, a super nice visual display for picking common colors. Especially when a client wants something in Crimson, Coral, Salmon, or even Puce.
  • One thing many web designers stumble with today is CSS Redundancy. Using selectors that are not being called by your HTML. Let’s face it, sometimes we remove things out of the HTML and forget to clear that information out of the CSS. CSS Redundancy Checker to the rescue!
  • Redirecting Traffic from one URL to another using .htaccess from Bookmark Bliss is an excellent resource to have. If you’ve ever switched sites, domain names, file locations, or permalinks (WordPress) then you have likely needed this but didn’t have a quick reference handy. This nice little gem is an easy to understand and concise how-to redirect your potential 404 traffic with a search engine safe 301 redirection.
  • Dosh Dosh as always provides some valuable money making advice. This entry is no exception. He writes that Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Will Help You Make Money.
  • It seems that I am starting to use WordPress for more of my clients for control and ease. I am quite surprised I’ve never tried to Customize the WordPress Login Screen. Thank you Binary Moon.
  • If you do not know all there is to know about search engine optimization, then A Complete Glossary of Essential SEO Jargon by SEOmoz is just what you need.
  • Since I use Photoshop to mockup web designs for my clients. This last bookmarkable is how to Make a Dotted Line in Photoshop presented by BittBox.

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