5-31-05 DS Mag update

Things are moving right along with the magazine. I have been receiving the volunteers needed for the content of the magazine. I am pleased with the overall response the idea has gotten so far and look forward to having the first issue (although it is a couple months away) published.

At present, the site is up and running with limited content so far (as this will depend on a few questions that are up in the air at the moment). Here is a list of things in progress.

  • Registering the Business Name
  • Trademarking the logo
  • Obtaining tax certificates
  • Contacting more writers
  • Adding content to the website
  • and of course anything else that comes up

As things progress I will be sure to keep everyone up to date as I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am. Of course if you are interested in writing for the magazine (contributing author) then simply email me and let me know what your area of ‘expertise’ is and I would be happy to include your articles.

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