Help with my Site Reboot

On that note I am seriously considering re-doing my own site as I have been wanting too for some time now, after I finish up a few client sites I think I will start putting my skills to work and enlisting a few friends help in some AJAX goodies to seemlessly bring more relevent content to my site.

I would like your help.  My domain name is pretty good and I know I am not using it to its fullest and want to start so – I am looking for theme ideas (I have a few, but am currently flexible).  How about colors?  Even content you would like to see on the site I am interested in hearing those ideas as well.

There are only two things that I want to keep without a doubt and that is the FocusMinded Seal (un-embossed).

Any ideas that I use will be rewarded some how, not sure as to what yet as that depends on the extent to which I use an idea.  (rewards could include cash [via paypal], t-shirts [courtesy of WhatsYourFactor], free graphics work and maybe even more).

Either comment your ideas, IM me, or even email me.  Till then… Stay Focused!

Deepest Sender Firefox Extension Fix

First a little definitions and then I’ll explain what and how to fix a problem I had recently with a Firefox extension I use.

Firefox: Hopefully everyone knows about this already so a link is all it gets.

WordPress: A CMS/blog system that I use for this site.

Deepest Sender: This is a cool little extension for FireFox that I use to post on my blog. It is a ‘blog this page’ type of an extension. It allows you to right click on any page and type up a post about that page and/or keep going and do a whole bunch. Then it allows you to click post/publish and it will write it to your weblog without you having to go to your actual WordPress install and post/publish what you need.

Ok with those out of the way time for the Problem & Fix.

The Problem:

Seemingly out of nowhere I went to blog about a page I was visiting and when I hit the login button on the main page for Deepest Sender I got an error. The error read:

type error: node has no properties

I could work offline and even save it, but for the life of me I couldn’t login to actually post it.

The Fix:

As with any problem I decide to fix it myself. I thought it must be my settings, so I uninstalled that extension and then re-installed it.     No Luck

Then I made sure I had the most recent install of Firefox.     Yes I did

As with any problem my next step is to do a search (or two). After doing a search for fixes on Google and Yahoo and coming up with only one promising link. I decided to go to it and solve my problem.     No luck – the so-called fix wasn’t anything that really applied to my situation.

Then I remembered that the web host my site was hosted on was doing some security updates and decided to check with them.     BINGO

What happened was that a file on the host server (mod_security) was updated and was blocking access to my xmlrpc.php file which is what Deepest Sender or (performancing – another ‘blog-this-page’ type extension) was trying to access. So to solve the problem the host must go in that file and allow access to this file (if you contact your host they should know how to do this, if not contact me and I’ll help them). Believe it or not thats all it takes. Once access was restored I was able to login and it has been business as usual since then.

Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem. Till then… Stay Focused!